I Pledge

Graphic1I Pledge to wear my harnesses and helmet every time I am in a vehicle off-road, and I will also insure that everyone in my vehicle does the same.  I recognize that my life depends on it.  I want to spend more time with my family and friends, and I know that wearing my harnesses and helmet each time I go off-road will help me to do that.

Effective 1/5/15:  Our pledge form got spammed :-( – in order to add your name, please comment below and tell us who you are, where you’re from and why you are pledging.  It will take me a bit to get this website working as I want it too – I’m not a professional, so bear with us and keep pledging.  Wear your helmet, wear your harness; let’s save some lives!  Thanks, sk

Bundy Hill Jarome Michigan Saw you guys at the Sema Show in Vegas!
Bryan Irons Kelowna BC, Canada Something so easy to do should not be such a hard point to get across! Be a leader, wear your bucket.
Uriel Varela Phoenix Arizona Seems like people are loosing lives to and from the trail. Just because there\’s a smoother road back to camp, doesn\’t mean it\’s a guarranty back home. Helmet and harness at all times people. Your family loves you.
Frank Minice Goodyear Arizona In loving memory of Jason Swigart!
Joey Sanchez Round Rock Texas It only takes a minute. That one minute can save your entire life.
Shawn Baker Kalispell MT In memory of Kevin Rothman
Rachel Benoit Peoria AZ If the key is on, my harness and helmet are too. In memory of Jason Swigart and Kevin Rothman.
J.W. Clark Fort Smith Arkansas Something so easy may just save your life.
Angelina Litchfield az Never again, we will never lose a friend again. We love you pigpen. Stay safe, harness up and hammer down, then have some fun in the dirt.
Michael Black Clinton Oklahoma Stay safe and love the life you are living
Jayson Mitchell Wittmann AZ Harness up and Hammer Down DD196
Clay Carter Gladewater Texas Been preaching safety for as long as I can remeber and it\’s wonderful to have a company like Axel Offroad endorsing such a campaign.
Michale McClure Ness City Kansas Just do it!!!!!!!!
Beverly Croy Phoenix AZ I pledge to buckle up and wear a helmet every time!
Kristen Carter Simi Valley California Be the example. Living is cool :)
John Stewart Lakeside CA Safety gear does provide a benefit. Don\’t get complacent. Accidents do happen.
Bill Allen lander Wyoming Always where the best safety gear….. Not the best gear you can afford…. Because you can\’t afford not too…..loved ones must demand this from us in order to allow us to participate in any motorsports hobby…..it\’s very sad that tragedy creates awareness I \”walk\”/ hobble with a cane due to nerve damage from spinal cord injuries caused by not wearing a impact chest and back protector while snowmobiling and now have a progressive nerve disorder which is \” slowly \”taking my legs from me DON\’T BECOME A STATISTIC my DEEPEST CONDOLENCES for Jason Swigarts family and friends…. Gods speed fallen brother
Kendall Isenhour Northglenn Colorado Because your having fun, doesn\’t mean you shouldn\’t have safety!
Susan Gilbert Phoenix AZ I pledge in memory of my cousin Jason Swigart! You will be missed! We Love You!
Brian Fisher Fort Collins Co I recently rolled my 900 that I started racing this year with the dirt riot family, I had my lap belts on but not the straps. I bent the frame and collapsed the cage but stayed in the car because of the seat belts. I have now not gone out without putting on a belt of some kind. Thanks Brian.
Derek Holmes maple ridge BC, Canada I fully support the use of safety equipment in our sport and everyone I meet I encourage people to wheel with all there safety equipment.
michelle gilbert Phoenix Arizona In loving memory of my cousin Jason Swigart. We love and miss you.
Carolina Nava Peoria Arizona ????
Michelle McMahon Glendale Az I will always buckle up.
Ashley Clubb Phoenix AZ I pledge
Tina Sparrazza surprise az Love you Jason!
Amy Aaron Brookville PA Love Ya Jason- I pledge!!!
Scott Angell Overland Park Kansas Myself and my passengers will wear harnesses and helmets
Axel Stammel Atlanta GA ______ Help raise aWEARness ! ________ Serious wheelers know why to protect!
Shawn Pagan Severance CO And can we add – properly tightened and in working order? :-)
Miladene Feuilly Durango CO Now I need to get a helmet.
Scott Boone Peoria AZ I will wear them and so will passengers.
Ted Morris Austin Texas This has been a long time coming. Racer, RZR, or trail rig, Helmets and harnesses. I pledge.
Kelly Marquis Mesa Az I have always been a safety pusher , I will push more
Stephen Hickey Houston Texas Just had a bad roll and suffered a head wound that bled pretty badly. I wish I had a helmet on when this happened!
Lucas Preece Leander Texas Everyone needs to participate in this. We have had a lot of friends injured or killed when, with proper safety equipment, many could have been avoided. I always wear my harnesses & helmet when off reading. Glad y\’all have started this movement!
Mike Seward Fredericksburg Texas I pledge!!!! Save your ugly face, like me!!!
Cody Consford Lufkin Texas Proud Supporter of Safety! Lets get on board!
Stacy Rye Mira Loma CA You only get 1 life, live it up, safely. No reason to end the party early!
Marvin Stammel Roswell GA Gear Up!
Mike Boyle Montrose Colorado None of my vehicles move without everyone buckled in.
Jake Good Kansas City KANSAS Crazy obstacles are not the killer. Safety every time you are in a vehicle. Sorry to say the same goes for alcohol and drugs guys.
Logan Groce Taylorsville GA Safety will help us to continue to enjoy the sport we love.
Tony Arledge Austin Texas just takes a minute to save a life!!!
Mo Figueroa Decatur Alabama Safety first!
Blaine Lippai Sylvan Lake Alberta Done!
Russel Baer Dallas Texas Done!
Stan Haynes Ft. Wayne Indiana Do this for your friends and family AND YOURSELF!!
Doug Dufault Coquitlam British Columbia We always think safety
Chad Jans Tempe AZ Harness up, always.
Mike Bradley Mesa AZ I pledge that I will always strap my self and ensure my passenger is strapped in as well.
McLaughlin Family Mesa AZ I pledge and we are getting new kids seats to make sure everyone has a harness at all times.
Robby Hartman Highland California I\’ve always stayed true to this, now I pledge
Ben Hudson San Antonio TX Strap in!
andrew zaunmiller San Tan Valley AZ We just bought 3 new helmets for our family. We always wear safety equipment
Heather Swigart Camp Verde AZ I pledge to wear all safety gear for both myself and our girls anytime we are in an off road vehicle. No matter what. In honor of my husband, and their daddy Jason Swigart. We miss you and love you like crazy ????
Isaac Smith spanish fork utag I pledged to wear my safety gear. I think this is a good cause.
matt nieman coquitlam bc belts ftw
Todd Seawell Castle Rock Colorado Racing off-road makes me feel alive. Being alive allows me to race off-road!
Orion Martin Phoenix Arizona Never ride a diet bike without a helmet.
Mark Wright Phoenix Arizona Always!
Brian Gray Marietta GA Better safe than sorry!
Josh Chapman Peoria AZ I WANNA LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kenn Hite Winston Ga Just do it!
josh tedesco salt lake utah I pledge to use all safety devices in my vehicle.
Allen Elmore Farmington New Mexico Duh. Winning.
Lindsey Crocker Magnolia tx Never again will anyone in our ride go without.
Josh Crowe High Ridge MO We need to keep looking out for each other. No one is too skilled or too cool for safety gear.
Chip MacLaughlin Corinth Texas Doing my part!!
Mitch Kersey Las Vegas NV My truck doesn\’t come out of park until everyone is strapped in.
lori Seward Fredericksurg tx thanks you
Dee Brehl Peoria Arizona We pledge in loving memory of our son (in-law), Jason Swigart. Swigart/Brehl family will forever take the time to put on a helmet and buckle up the 5 point harness! We cannot lose another family member! RIP Jason. We miss and love you. Xoxox
Chris Brehl Peoria Arizona We pledge In memory of our son (in-law), Jason Swigart. Miss and love you
Tim Adkins Peoria AZ Get some
Stacy Byrne Prescott Valley AZ For my loved ones, in memory of Jason Swigart and as support for all his loved ones…I pledge!!! EVERYTIME!
Carlos Gonzales Phoeniz AZ I have been guilty myself of not fully harnessing up when out playing. The friends we have lost is to high of a cost for any of us to not harness up. Always harness up, you never know when something will happen. The helmets we wear out wheeling are not that expensive and think of it this way, what\’s your life and the life of your loved ones worth? We miss you Jason, rip my friend.
Alan Johnson Glendale AZ thank you.
Jeremy Hammer Phoenix Arizona Dont be mad if I jump in your buggy and strap your ass down! Never Again! Harness up Hammer down! PigPen
Nikki Steinman Avondale AZ I pledge in memory of Jason Swigart!
Nicholas Schaefer pleasant grove utah I pledge
ed shoemaker San Tan Valley Arizona I pledge to wear my safety gear at all times
Adam Marquez Glendale AZ I Pledge to always use safety gear. Buckle Up!!
Doug Bigelow Sharpsburg maryland I pledge to wear a helmet and harness
Jessica Preciado Litchfield Park Az In memory of Jason Swigart. After having an accident in our RAZR and Jason and Frank coming to save us….we had Jason do all the repairs. We were told he was the best of the best and would build it strong and safe! After working day and night completely customizing our toy to absolute perfection…he insisted we install the harnesses… that they would save our lives! We did! And now I know why. Thank you Jason! And I pledge that I, along with anyone that rides with us will ALWAYS…. Harness up and Hammer down!
Josh Reynolds Phoenix AZ GREAT WORK!
kyle wells bountiful Utah Forever and always!
Rawlin McGhie Salt Lake City UT Love this!
Brianna Reynolds Avondale AZ Thank you for this amazing campaign!
Cameron Chin Las Vegas NV Protect yourself and those you love!
Derek A. Crase Tucson Arizona Because I have lost too many friends far too early. Please, be safe as you possibly can, but LIVE each day like it was your last
Christopher E. Smith Indianapolis Indiana We at Honey Badger Motorsports pledge to be ambassadors of the sport and promote safety awareness through our actions both on and off the race course. www.facebook.com/HoneyBadgerMotorsports
Amanda Gonzales Mesa az We are buying the kids helmets as well for a just in case purpose. They are double harnessed In already as well. I will always wear 5 point at all times. We miss Jason dearly and hope we can ALL learn that at any time anything can go wrong and take a loved one away from us. #ripjason #deltadelta196
Trisha Hammer Scottsdale AZ I\’m in!! Gotta order my helmets!! :) Thanks for doing this!!! In memory of my friend, Jason Swigart….I am happy to do this!! I miss our friend and family member. :(
Mark R Hobart In Stay safe when doing anything off-road.
Daniel Sach Parker CO I hate that this hits home with me but being the recipient of two titanium plated in my head from a horrible accident that could have been prevented, it is something that is near my heart to promote above all else… Knowing that a friend of the Dirt Riot Family has passed on makes it even more real….
Big Rich Klein Blackfoot Idaho For all our race family
Josh England PLACERVILLE CA In memory of Jason Swigart
Shelley Krehbiel Blackfoot ID For the safety of all our family and friends


Helmets and Harnesses